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Virtual Helper - Office Assistance Made Easy!

Specializing in Services to help Mary Kay Directors and Consultants!

Helpful Files to Help you GROW your TEAM and BUSINESS!

Recruiting Tips and Info

Rule #1 - Survey everyone you facial to gauge their interest in the MK Opportunity. Check out the Training Center for other Survey Options.

Team Building Guidelines - Click here

Don't just look for quantity, look for quality - Click here

My Responsibility as a Recruiter - Click here

Recruiting Packets should include...

Paper Packet - Click here

Company Brochure (Section 2)

Moving up the Career Path!


Tracking to DIQ...then Director!

Climb your way up the Career Path!

Senior Consultant

1+ Active Team Members. Receive 4% Recruiter's Commission.

Star Team Builder/Red Jacket

3+ Active Team Members. Receive 4% Recruiter's Commission. Eligible to wear the prestigious Red Jacket. Can earn $50 Team Building bonus with each qualified new team member, beginning with your 4th recruit.

Team Leader

5+ Active Team Members. Can receive 9 or 13% Recruiter's Commission. Eligible to wear Red Jacket and receive Team Building Bonus. May also go on-target for Chevy Cruze.

Future Sales Director

8+ Active Team Members.

9 or 13% Recruiter's Commission - Red Jacket - Team Building Bonus - Eligible to Go On-Target for Chevy Cruze.

Director In Qualification

10+ Active Team Members. Be Active Yourself. DIQ must have achieved STAR status the prior or current quarter. Must submit DIQ submission with intention to become sales director within 4 months. (Same benefits as Future Sales Director)

Sales Director

24+ Active Unit Members. 9 or 13% Personal Recruiter's Commission, 13% Unit Commission + 10% Volume Bonus ($5K min). Eligible for other bonuses. Director's Suit. Eligible to earn Premier and Cadillac Club Cars! Eligible to earn Top Trip and other fabulous rewards!