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Virtual Helper - Office Assistance Made Easy!

Specializing in Services to help Mary Kay Directors and Consultants!

Fliers - Prices start at $7.50 - $5 for Directors with Monthly Service

Packet Creation (Recruiting, Hostess, New Consultant, New DIQ, New Director, etc..) - Prices vary depending on size and detail. I have many packets that I have already created, so we can base off something else to save cost.

Monthly Packet Service - $20/mo + Cost of Supplies & Postage to you

For the base price ($20/mo) I will put together as many packets as you need - within reason - can be a combination of Hostess, Recruiting and New Consultant Packets. I will assemble and mail to you. The base price does not include supplies such as: company literature, copies, cello bags (or whatever you would like packets in). Additionally, I will add on the actual cost of shipping all packets to you. This is offered as a monthly service. However, if you don't need packets every month that is fine, and of course there would be no charge. Packets are done on a monthly basis...around the 15th of the month, I will email all packet customers to ask for numbers, I will then order company literature and put will have them by the first of the month for that month. (Example, I email out July 15 for August packets - you will want to get enough to last you all of the way through August). As far as what goes in the packets, we will work those details out at are welcome to provide me with a paper packet you use or I can make for you (additional cost). You tell me exactly what you want in them, I can also offer suggestions.

Sample Fliers/Graphics I've Created...